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18th January - London Classic Car Show
23rd November - The Eagles in Wembley 2019 - bookings closed!!
16th October - Royal Ascot 2019

29th June - IBM Club membership news, for folk who may be about to leave IBM - Please, Don't Go !

18th January - Don't forget to check out all the latest from Theatreland - Shows Diary Update 

PLEASE NOTE - This website is for IBM Employee and IBM Retiree members of the IBM Club. 
If you do not qualify under either of these categories then ANY requests to participate in the advertised events will be ignored.

We want to gauge interest in this event, so need you to email me to let me know if you would want to go and how many tickets you might want (Adult & Child). The plan is to do the Saturday.


FACE VALUE: £30 (on the day), CLUB PRICE: £20.00.

Full details of the event can be found here==> LCCS


Sunday 23rd June 2019 at Wembley Stadium

This is potentially the last chance to see the iconic rock band The Eagles (not a tribute band when the come to the UK as part of their World Tour.
IBM Club Price £85.00 (face value £130 + fees)
For full details and to reserve your place(s) click => EAGLES

Enjoy a special day at the races - Royal Ascot 2019
on Saturday 22nd June 2019

Windsor Enclosure Tickets
£25 for IBM Club Members*, £45 for non-Club members

*The IBM Club Member prices are available to the IBM Club Member AND their spouse/partner OR one other accompanied adult guest.  If additional places are available then up to two non-members can attend at the Non-Club member price.

For full details and to reserve your place(s), click here => ASCOT

Leaving IBM but want to stay a member of IBM Club London West?

Provided you have 10 years of employment with IBM and have reached the retirement date for any IBM retirement plan you are contributing to (even if you are not yet drawing any pension from it) you can rejoin as a retiree member of IBM Club London West at the employee subscription rate, currently £26 per year.

Request an application form from and return it making IBM Club London West your club of choice.  If you are not sure if you meet the eligibility criteria, or don't quite meet the criteria, send in an application request anyway and your request will be reviewed.  We very much hope that we will retain contact with our Club, friends and former associates who are leaving now and see them at a Club event in the near future.

Why join the IBM Club ??? 
See the quotes (below) from some current members of the SHOWS subsection

How about this for feedback on recent booking of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

"The performance was cracking, one of the best plays/productions we've ever seen. Imelda Staunton was fantastic, as was Conleth Hill and the other cast members. My wife has been raving about it to all her friends! A good night was had by all (especially as it wasn't spoiled by constant eating and mobile phone manipulation during the performance). Thanks."

Or this about An American in Paris:
If you are fan of contemporary ballet you'll love it! If you are fan of George and Ira Gershwin's beautiful compositions and lyrics you'll love it! If you are sucker for a good love story, especially when it involves a ménage à quatre (four way relationship), then you'll love it. Put them all together and what's not to love about the musical stage production of An American In Paris, at the Dominion Theatre, Tottenham Court Road? Over 50 actors/dancers/singers plus a full orchestra deliver an amazing adaptation of MGM's Oscar winning 1951 film, which starred Gene Kelly and Lesley Caron. These roles are reprised by New York City Ballet principal dancer Robert Fairchild, who plays Jerry Mulligan, the American GI striving to make it as a painter in Paris, and British Royal Ballet soloist Leanne Cope who plays the beautiful young dancer Lise Dassin with whom he falls in love. The Dominion Theatre provides the perfect staging for this musical ballet, with amazing set designs and plenty of space to allow the dancers to demonstrate their balletic athleticism to the full. It really is this summer's "must see" production. 

So check out the latest Shows Diary and see what you are missing!

The 5-a-side football section want to encourage more ladies who want to "Bend it like Beckham"! 

Come and show the "boys" how it's done and let's celebrate the rise and rise of the beautiful game among the ladies. For details click HERE!

A message from the Chairman of the IBM Club London West 

Many of you take part in Club activities, but what about adding some fresh ideas? We are keen to have new members on the Club committee, especially if you are still an active IBM'er.
If you are interested, please contact me, Brendan McGuire. (

Got an idea for an event or activity you'd like the IBM Club London West to organise? 

Then why don't you "Suggest an Event" by filling out the form below and submitting it to the Committee for consideration. 

We can't promise we'll manage to organise every event put forward but we do promise to consider every submission. 

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