The 5-a-side football subsection runs all year round and new members are always welcomed. 

We have players of all skills, ages and abilities so please come and give it a try. 

Games are arranged on a twice weekly basis, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. 

Tuesday evening venue : Goals, Heathrow  
Time : 6:30pm to 7:30pm 
Price : £5 per week

Contact:  Brendan McGuire: Tel: 366357 or 020-8844-6357 
email MCGUIREB@uk.ibm.com

Thursday evening venue : Goals, Heathrow 
Time : 10pm to 11pm 
Price : £5 per week

Contact:  Brendan McGuire: Tel: 366357 or 020-8844-6357 
email MCGUIREB@uk.ibm.com 

5-a-side Football Update & Invitation

Hidden talent

Would you like to get some exercise, lose weight, or hone your skills that you know one day will end up gracing the premiership? Why not join us on one of the evening’s 5 a side games. We play every Tuesday 6.30 - 7.30pm and every Thursday 10 – 11pm at Goals Heathrow.

Define ‘dribbling’

The games are competitive, but friendly, with a real mix of ability and ages. Those seriously past their prime suddenly realise that they can ‘pick a pass’, but that really just means we don’t run around as much as the youngsters. This is fine, as we watch those less old go past us and dribble themselves into a corner. And when you reflect on that slick passing move, leading to the best goal you’ve ever scored, you’ll sleep well on it and the stiffness the next day is only a reminder of how brilliant you are.

Get out more

Come along and give it a try. Bring a friend. You don’t need to play every week, just as work, or housework allows. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it. Its well worth the IBM club-subsidised rate of a fiver per game.

Contact Brendan McGuire - mcguireb@uk.ibm.com 077808 22098

Or Andy Raynham  andy_raynham@uk.ibm.com   44-(0)208-818-4446 

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