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Week Long Watersport Activities/Courses For Your Children

The IBM Sailing Section is able to offer a variety of activities/courses for children of different ages via the Queen Mary Sailing Club (QMSC) facilities which are in Ashford, near the IBM Bedfont location. All activities/courses are run by QMSC. 

As a special offer the IBM Sailing Section is able to offer you a 30% discount on the list price for children (junior) activities/courses. This offer is limited due to the funding the club receives and is made on a first come first served basis. A 20% discount on the QMSC list price will be offered if the funding limit is reached. 

Details of the activities/courses, list prices per person and availability of places can be found via the following links. 

If you are interested in making a booking or would like more information please contact Marek Dytko ( 

Notes and Booking

  • The IBM employee making the booking must be an IBM Club member.
  • Each booking made is to include membership of the IBM Sailing Section for the current year (ending March 2016) for the IBM employee making the booking. This will cost £20 in addition to the discounted course/activity costs if you are not already a Sailing Section member.
  • Each IBM employee can book up to three course places at the discounts shown.
  • You must follow the booking and payment process described below with payment being made to the IBM Sailing Section and not QMSC to receive the discount (no exceptions):

Contact the Queen Mary Sailing Club office (01784 248881) to check availability. You can also check availability via the above provided links.

2) Contact Marek Dytko to confirm the amount due including the available IBM discount and IBM Sailing Section membership, as well as how to make payment.

3) Confirm the booking with the Queen Mary Sailing Club office (
01784 248881) and ask them to invoice IBM.

4) Confirm to Marek Dytko the course(s)and places booked and date details and that you have paid IBM.  

Q:  Can I use the Queen Mary Sailing Club online booking system?
A:  No, you will not get the IBM discount if you do – no exceptions!

Q:  If I need to cancel a course, what should I do?
A:  Contact the Queen Mary Sailing Club office and tell them immediately.  Any cancellation charges they make to IBM will be passed to you to pay.

General Information 

The IBM Sailing Section website and in particular the FAQs provides further general information: