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Fed up and in need of a boost?
Are you ready for a change?
Join one of our Colour Analysis Consultation Classes

Club Members* £60, Normal price £110
Each days classes will be split into an a.m. and a p.m. session
and each session is geared to 2 people,
e.g. a couple, parent and child or two friends,
to ensure individuals receive 1:1 attention and time.
So don't delay, submit your reservation request form (below) now! 
* A max of 2 places per IBM Club Members. N.B. an IBM Club member can apply for a partner or guest ticket at the member price

Did you know that wearing the wrong colours can make you look tired, older and even un-healthy ? 

Have you ever thought you can learn which colours & styles suit you best? 

Colour Analysis is such a powerful tool to look your best every day! 

´Knowing and wearing your correct colours will make you look healthier, younger, fresher and more dynamic, giving you a renewed sense of excitement´ 
•        Choosing clothes in the best colours for you ensures your wardrobe will all work together saving you time and money and you won't make those 'bargain' purchases that never get worn.

•        Most of us wear 15% of our clothes 85% of the time because instinctively we feel much better in some than in others. Once you know which colours are yours you will understand what it is about that 15% of your wardrobe that makes them wonderful !

Join a Colour analysis class and discover which colours shades suit you best. Get advice on whether a colour should be worn top-to-toe or just as an accessory and find out which make-up & hair colour will enhance your look! 

Colour classes are offered to women, men and teenagers and will include a leather colour swatch of your season & personal booklet that will help you when you go shopping.

Contact Darshan Kent ( for more information or else complete the Reservation Request Form below.

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